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AB test results of Douyin video conversion rate

Our solutionsWant a quick or video production and distribut

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Belt and Road Initiative for exploring ASEAN and CHINA market

The Belt and Road initiative is certain to deliver endless opportunities for Hong Kong businesses. ASEAN markets along the Belt and Road with enormous consumption power and strong potential for development are great locations for setting up manufacturing bases. How should Hong Kong’s SMEs go about entering these markets and swing into action to capture opportunities presented by them?

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Cross-Border Ecommerce platform setup

Selling directly to China consumers can be easier than ever. ChinaConnext help you to establish the Cross-border E-commerce channels, and followup with marketing campaign to promote your products.

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How does “Milk Run” works in your French Wine business exporting to China?

The Milk run got its name from the milk industry practice wherein a single tanker goes to different dairy producers every day to collect milk and then deliver it to the milk processing firm. How Does It Apply to your Wine Business?

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Cargo Insurance make simple – Beverages, wines, spirits, alcohols, beer

Drinks Logistics – Cargo insurance made simple.Make sure your logistic provider or broker provide you with the Drinks Logistics Cargo Insurance solution to meet the specific needs of the beverage industry. Why do you get insurance before shipping? It offers a unique protection against perils of transport to this commodity during transit through various time

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ChinaConnext is a connection of professional advisers in the area of digital marketing, logistics, business strategy, and we are experienced in daily execution inside China.

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