Carrie A. Yu

Carrie A. Yu China Marketing Strategist l Global Speaker I Profit Strategist I Top 10 Wechat influencer in HK district

China Marketing Strategist l Global Speaker I Profit Strategist I Top 10 Wechat influencer in HK district

Carrie A. Yu, a global speaker, business coach & author, experienced digital marketing strategist and China marketing expert who influenced over 100,000 mainland audiences with a popular Chinese social media platform. As a Top 10 WeChat influencer in Hong Kong, she has been invited to attend Belt and Road Influencer Award Ceremony 2017 and has been a guest interviewed by GuangDong TV in 2017 & 2019.

Carrie is running a Hong Kong based consultancy company, Yu Ignite Ltd, which specialized in Chinese social media marketing strategies and build the high converting website funnel. We provides One-Stop marketing solution and services includes training and consultation on how to break into the population of 1.4 Billion market in China. For Website Funnel Marketing, which would help entrepreneurs increase their online conversion rate in global market.

This consultancy provides customized services to clients based on market-tested experience and knowledge, we help business owners accelerate their business expansion into China and the globe.

Carrie also a business coach and a Fortune 500 trainer. Satisfied coaching clients include companies such as Legal 100 Clyde & Co, the largest global communication company Grey, UBS, JP Morgan, Maersk Group, etc.

“Carrie has a practical and thoughtful approach to marketing. Very often, advice in the written word is too general and cannot be applied to specific business settings but that is not the case here. These are applicable concepts that will help generate increased success”
- Steve Bernstein, Managing Director, Lone Star Funds

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- To accelerate your business expansion to China by Chinese social media marketing & consultation
- Provide the funnel services to help you have your own high conversion rate website funnel
- Empower the business owners to grow business by coaching program