How do we ship Super-high-value Wine to clients? (a case study)

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Clients auctioned HKD 7,000,000 worth of super high value wine (one pallet) and appointed us to arrange the shipment.  This pallet of highly concentrated cargo need special care in handing, packaging, monitoring, insurance, securities.  We are proud to take up the challenge and delivery it to the destination safely.

(For privacy and security reason, no details of clients name and delivery route can be provided.  We will however show the interesting part, which is how to handle such expensive cargo)

high value aution wine by chinaconnext clients red wine collection scene 600-min

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What's the challenge?

  • EXTRA sturdy packing needed to minimize the risk of breakage during the sea and road journey. 
  • Cartons must should be strong enough to endure the journey 
  • Expensive wooden cases is part of the "protected". 
  • A single broken bottle of wine will lead to "constructive total loss" of the whole carton or wooden case due to the label damage to the rest of the wine.
  • Security plan to prevent stealing
  • Special insurance policy

Our Solution?

  • Tailor designed packing Inside-out
  • Security system in place for tracking and protection
  • Comprehensive insurance plan for the unexpected
  • Alert system for all stakeholders

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