Wondering what social media could bring you except “likes & comments”?

Everybody knows what we are looking for in business – profit. However, a lot of us forgot about that when we come to social media. 


We become monsters who are chasing after likes and comments, which might be meaningless to our profit-making business. Then how social media could actually help us? Here are some tips >>

Social media advertisements are important,

but do you really know how to do it?

Ad settings

90% of you are doing good >>

Graphic / Video

90% of you know it’s important, but struggling >>


90% of you would ignore the importance>>


Only one easy yet “difficult” thing to do >>

Ads Setting

It’s like where you are setting up your store. For instance, you are operating a restaurant in Causeway Bay. Then your advertising setting would be at Causeway Bay. Or for instance you are selling beauty products. Then your setting would be targeting female audiences.

Most people would not get wrong – target audience.

Graphic / Video

What would you look at when you receive an advertisement? – The graphic or the video (thumbnail or first 3 seconds). This is similar to the facade of your shop. People would gave a glance of your shop, and if it is attractive, then they would go inside.


Most people know. However, when it comes to the design, people usually also forget one thing – your message. Do not only focus on the design and style (though it’s also very important), also focus on the message delivered to your audience.


Is it relevant to your product or services? Can your audiences understand what you want to present?


  • Ad settings = location of your store
  • Graphic / video = façade of your shop
  • Then copywriting is like your shop manager.
  • After people go inside your shop, no matter how good your shop appearance is, you need a “closer”. You need a guy that helps you close the deal or lead them to the “call to action”.
  • You need your copywriting message to present the detail of your product / service / message.


Only one easy yet “difficult” thing to do. Make your copywriting attractive, but also most importantly, relevant and understandable.


Do not use a lot of fancy wordings or over-creative story or puns. You want your audience to understand what you are selling, but not only to learn a joke, right?

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