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Belt and Road Initiative for exploring ASEAN and CHINA market

belt and road initiative road map hong kong SME BUD funding support ASEAN and CHINA marketing-min
belt and road initiative road map hong kong SME BUD funding support ASEAN and CHINA marketing-min

The Belt and Road initiative is certain to deliver endless opportunities for Hong Kong businesses. ASEAN markets along the Belt and Road with enormous consumption power and strong potential for development are great locations for setting up manufacturing bases. How should Hong Kong’s SMEs go about entering these markets and swing into action to capture opportunities presented by them?


HKTDC’s “Belt and Road Initiative SME Corner – the ASEAN Guide” offers a one-stop platform for Hong Kong SMEs with “how to” tips to help them discover more about ASEAN markets, identify investment support and resources, and get acquainted with the local business culture.

Sell to ASEAN

ASEAN was the 4th largest export market of Hong Kong goods after Mainland China accounting for 18.2% of Hong Kong’s total domestic exports in 2017. The bloc of 10 markets will continue to be important targets for Hong Kong exporters when the ASEAN-Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement and a related Investment Agreement come into effect in early 2019. Know the individual markets and get into position to capitalise on the closer trade relations between Hong Kong and the ASEAN.

Market Profile of ASEAN Countries




















Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Manufacturing Partnership and Investment

ASEAN markets along the Belt and Road boast economic zones and industrial parks of various scale. Find out how to leverage these resources to expand your production footprint and increase manufacturing capacity and productivity.

Free Trade Zones and Incentives

asean countries

Guide to Doing Business




















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How do we ship Super-high-value Wine to clients? (a case study)

palletize-shrink-wrap secret of packing high-value wine overseas pallets-min

For viewing video in China, use 

Clients auctioned HKD 7,000,000 worth of super high value wine (one pallet) and appointed us to arrange the shipment.  This pallet of highly concentrated cargo need special care in handing, packaging, monitoring, insurance, securities.  We are proud to take up the challenge and delivery it to the destination safely.

(For privacy and security reason, no details of clients name and delivery route can be provided.  We will however show the interesting part, which is how to handle such expensive cargo)

high value aution wine by chinaconnext clients red wine collection scene 600-min

(picture of illustration only)

What's the challenge?

  • EXTRA sturdy packing needed to minimize the risk of breakage during the sea and road journey. 
  • Cartons must should be strong enough to endure the journey 
  • Expensive wooden cases is part of the "protected". 
  • A single broken bottle of wine will lead to "constructive total loss" of the whole carton or wooden case due to the label damage to the rest of the wine.
  • Security plan to prevent stealing
  • Special insurance policy

Our Solution?

  • Tailor designed packing Inside-out
  • Security system in place for tracking and protection
  • Comprehensive insurance plan for the unexpected
  • Alert system for all stakeholders

Contact us

Want to know how we can help you?

ChinaConnnext International Limited  中荟国际有限公司

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is defined as the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and cost-effective flow and storage of raw materials, goods, equipment and personnel from the point of origin until the completion of an activity, in accordance with end-user's requirements.

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How does “Milk Run” works in your French Wine business exporting to China?

wine delivery milk run service-min 300-min

What is Milk Run?

The Milk run got its name from the milk industry practice wherein a single tanker goes to different dairy producers every day to collect milk and then deliver it to the milk processing firm.

How Does It Apply to your Wine Business?

France wine dealers and winery gain advantage and save time and money by reducing the number of trucks and travel distances.   As a result, it is an excellent transport method in which time and cost from operating the trucks can be controlled.

The logistics team organize milk-run collection from the different winery in origin countries like France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, etc. according to the production plan and purchasing order.

When necessary, they can arrange temperature-controlled cool trucks to pick up for high-value wine and spirit.

Milk run can save cost in using the dedicated truck to pick up LCL (Less than Container Load) cargo with few pallets since pickup cost is the most expensive part for the Door to door international freight service

france wine map logistics milk run service 400-min


Custom clearance service

We can partly unload the cargo in Hong Kong which is tax-free for wine.  Optionally, you can choose to delivery directly to China.

We can help the client event you don’t have any entity or company in China to import the wine to China

We can help the exporter to import the SPIRIT alcoholic degree +30% to Hong Kong and China

custom clearance 250 wine milk run


Warehouse service 

5000 sq. meter warehouse, can accept even 1 pallet, rent/charge calculated base on a daily basis

+10 loading bay in the warehouse, easy for doing cross-docking

Located in the Logistics park and good network with cheap cost for distributing from Shenzhen to Whole China

Located close to city limit, and easy and time-saving in distribution

warehouse of-wine-cellars 250



Worked with professional distribution trucking service

Very low distribution cost with good packaging and Value-added service

Multiple integrated logistics service for wine and food cargo

Multiple custom border clearance capability in China

Temperature controlled, cold storage warehousing service

Comprehensive National/Regional/Local wine and food distribution service

wine distribution in china250

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Cargo Insurance make simple – Beverages, wines, spirits, alcohols, beer

cargo innsurance Beverages, wines, spirits, alcohols, beer-min

Drinks Logistics - Cargo insurance made simple.

Make sure your logistic provider or broker provide you with the Drinks Logistics Cargo Insurance solution to meet the specific needs of the beverage industry.

cargo insurance accidents

Why do you get insurance before shipping?

It offers a unique protection against perils of transport to this commodity during transit through various time and climate zones.


  • Beverages, wines, spirits, alcohols, beer
  • All modes of transport

  • FCL shipments as well as LCL shipments

  • Storage for up to 12 months at destination in Warehouses

  • Single (ad hoc) cover or annual policies


All risk ICCA coverage for physical loss or damage to your goods
Cover adjusted to innovative drinks packing solutions
Broader risk coverage, i.e. extension for storage risks within locations
Including the risk of off loading at destination
Any time declaration and certificate print for annual clients



Simple Policy Wording
Free access to -e-insurance portal for annual policy clients Expert risk analysis for your individual business
Professional handling of claims in-house
Fast payment of valid claims
Simple invoicing and declaration through your contact
One stop shopping for your freight and insurance requirements
Cover will be constantly monitored and developed in accordance with best industry standards

Contact Service team

ChinaConnext provide valuable advice on cargo insurance for protecting your goods