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Cross-Border Ecommerce platform setup

What is the advantage?Selling directly to China consumers can be easier than ever. ChinaConnext help you to establish the Cross-border E-commerce channels, and followup with marketing campaign to promote

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How does “Milk Run” works in your French Wine business exporting to China?

What is Milk Run?The Milk run got its name from the milk industry practice wherein a single tanker goes to different dairy producers every day to collect milk and then deliver it

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Cargo Insurance make simple – Beverages, wines, spirits, alcohols, beer

Drinks Logistics - Cargo insurance made simple.Make sure your logistic provider or broker provide you with the Drinks Logistics Cargo Insurance solution to meet the specific needs of the beverage industry. Why

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市场策划服务 (Chinese version)

市场策划? 当今全球新技术发展和社会创新新浪潮正 深刻影响着商业社会的变革,不管是社会结构、社交方式、商业场景还是商业 模式都在剧变中重构,无论是个体、企业还是组织都没有例外面对重新自我定

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